Wall Tiles

Choosing your wall tiles is one of the most important stages of your tile choices. Firstly, you will always want them to look great, this will involve colours, shades, types of finish, style. These are usually the first points and will cover the largest area of your wall – however, it is not quite as simple as that!

When you walk into any room, there is usually a point or area where your eye is drawn to, this may be a corner, a window or the middle of the room. There is no written rule for this due to the amount of variables, such as the door position when you enter the room, window position for natural light and an area that wont be tiled, as well as the light positions for when you need to switch the lights on.

So, when you are trying to finalise your wall tile design, this needs to be considered. In a bathroom, you will have taps, and possibly a shower, as well as the basin, a bathroom cabinet that may well have a mirror – you can choose to use these as your main area of focus, so in any case, if you want to add a feature to your wall tile design you need to decide how you want to do it.

This is where you need to consider any feature tiles that are available in the range you have chosen, you may have a contrasting coloured tile or a tile with a pattern on that you want to place at random within the room, or to create a feature panel and draw the eye to that feature, as opposed to the taps or a shower. This style of design is more popular today than in the past due to the variety of tiles available. Not only are feature tiles available that may be in a different colour, or have a feature pattern design on them, but using a rippled or structured tile as a feature is now a possibility. This provides a completely different feel and texture, but still maintains the continuity of the tile range.

At this stage, you can also be wowed by the selection of mosaic tiles that are available, we covered the design possibilities in our mosaic tile page, but you can really create a stunning and unique design for your home, if you can let your imagination take over!